The four EosHealth interns in front of Williams Tower, Eos headquarters, in Houston.
    I have been working for EosHealth with three other amazing interns.  We have been working remotely with one another through video conferencing and file sharing to work on our projects.  We all met one another at the SWD conference, but haven't seen each other since the conference.  On Wednesday July 10th, we all traveled to Houston to have an intern meeting with the team and our mentors.
    During our interviews, the CEO of EosHealth told us that we would be working for a "scrappy team" of individuals, and he couldn't have been more accurate in his description.  The team at EosHealth is made up of so many different types of professionals, but something I couldn't help but notice is how well they all work together to make up this dynamic team that has helped to teach us how we are going to change the face of diabetes.
    After looking at the team from EosHealth, I took a look at the four of us.  We are all from different places throughout the country, we are all studying different things in school, we have many different interests, but no matter how many differences we have, we seem to work together so seamlessly.  We all bring different visions, opinions, and experiences to the table, but we have been able to collaborate so well on our projects because we have drawn inspiration and insight from our experiences living with diabetes.
    Houston was such a great time!  We had tons of fun eating, shopping, working, and getting to know one another on a more personal level over the few short days that we were there.  I feel like seeing each other after working together remotely has helped us to bond and come closer together.  I am so grateful to be part of such a great team at EosHealth with these wonderful people, and can't wait to continue my journey with Eos for the rest of the summer.

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